Celebrity Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors 2019

Strawberry blonde is a sweet and warm hair color for spring and summer but women like this shade so much that they make it their best friend for the whole year round. As strawberry blonde is a trendy hair color for 2019, we are admired by the best celebrity strawberry blonde hair colors in 2019. If you haven’t discovered the beauty of this lovely and girlish shade then let’s go deeper and discuss the coolest options with matching hairstyles.celebrity strawberry blonde hair colors 2019Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Being not blonde nor red strawberry blonde is a perfect hair color for Blake Lively. Many think that this is her natural hair color but this hot lady knows how to pull off it right. Every time we see her in fresh, glossy and sun-kissed strawberry blonde hair colors, we fall in love with the reddish and blondish hues of this glamorous tint. It goes well with her medium skin tone, which also has reddish undertones and compliments her light eyes.blake lively strawberry blonde hair color 2019Dianne Kruger Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

One of the most discussed shades of Dianne Kruger is the strawberry blonde. She has pulled off a light and shiny shade of strawberry blonde on her medium retro curly hairstyle. Actually, the choice is one of the bests as this light hue goes well with her cool complexion and light eyes. Her natural-looking makeup makes the hairstyle more eye-catching and draws attention on its admiring shine.Dianne Kruger strawberry blonde hair 2019Nicole Kidman Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

So natural and youthful can only Nicole Kidman look in her warm strawberry blonde long side-parted curly hairstyle. This inspiring and ravishing woman has found a perfect shade for her light skin tone with pinkish undertones. The warmth of the strawberry blonde warms up her complexion and works well with light eyes creating a stunning and opulent look. All in all the hair color show off its charm due to the long side-parted girlish hairstyle.Nicole Kidman strawberry blonde hair color 2019 Chloë Grace Strawberry Blonde Hair

Who can ever deny the fact that Chloë Grace is gorgeous in strawberry blonde hair color? Compared with many shades that she has worn so far strawberry blonde remains the most natural-looking one for her light complexion and eyes. There is no need to say that she becomes even younger and more attractive in the warmth of the reddish blonde hues. She sparkles like a princess in side-parted curly hairstyle.Chloë Grace strawberry blonde hair 2019Rosie Huntington Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Each time I see this fabulous and flawless lady in a new blonde hair color I assure that blonde is her shade. It is so harmonious with her light complexion and pink undertones as well as with those graceful light eyes that it seems as if she was born in strawberry blonde. The loose and long wavy hairstyle paired with that glamorous hue are incredible and super feminine. They embrace the beauty of the delicate strawberry blonde.Rosie Huntington strawberry blonde hair color 2019Isla Fisher Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

And the next celebrity in our list is Isla Fisher with her long wavy strawberry blonde hairstyle. As you have already noticed, strawberry blonde is able to make a woman look younger. Isla Fisher is an excellent example for you. Her subtle hairstyle tends to highlight the feminine attractiveness inside Isla Fisher and to bring out the charm of her complexion.Isla Fisher strawberry blonde hair color 2019



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