Celebrities in Grey Hair Colors

When did granny’s hair become so popular? Blonde, brunette and red hair colors are not the only natural shades for hair. There is also the subtle grey hair color which is in thing in 2019 and is experimented by many celebs. Yes, they reasonably go for the silver hair color without taking onto account the fact that they don’t have even a single grey hair on their head. Today we’ll reveal who made the fifty shades of grey so trendy in the world of fashion.

Rihanna Grey Hair Color in Ombre Stylerihanna grey ponytailRihanna is one of the celebrities who likes to experiment with different shades grey. Once she had a slivery hue on her hair in a photo shoot and then she really wore grey on her long hair. She tried to match it with the trendy ombre style and the result is very astounding. Dark grey roots along with shiny silver ends look very pretty on straight sleek ponytail hairstyle.

Kylie Jenner Grey Hair ColorKylie Jenner grey hair colorKylie likes to wear various hair colors in different styles that make her look unique. Though her stylish grey ombre hair color took her 12 hours but as a result she got another original hair color to amuse everyone around her. In spite of being so young she had the courage to sport granny hair on her long straight locks.

Nicole Richie Silver Hair ColorNicole Richie grey hair colorCreating such an unexpected contrast by hair color and skin tone was just amazing by Nicole Richie. Her white-silver updo hairstyle surprised everyone during the Met Gala. No one could imagine her in this hair color and the impression was just shocking.

Dascha Polanco Grey to Lavender Hair ColorDascha Polanco grey hairTo create a differing and more playful hairstyle Dascha has opted for grey to lavender hair color idea. It was beautifully reflected on her long wavy hairstyle and worked with her complexion. She has chosen the right shades to match with each other.

Hilary Duff Grey Hair Colorsilver hair 2019When Hilary sported grey hair color on her luscious locks the effect was quite delicate and beautiful. Though it didn’t change her entire look but it did make her even more attractive. She ideally combined it with bright red lips and red outfit.

Kelly Osbourne Grey Hair Colorkelly osbourne grey hairIt’s not a secret that Kelly is a big fan of unique and crazy hair colors. Before she went for the lovely pastel lilac hair color she tried the medium grey hair color on her lob hairstyle. It was best reflected on voluminous waves.



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