2019 Hair Color Trends for Black Women 

When black women want to change their hair color they usually seek for lighter shades to lighten up their complexions. Actually there are several great hair colors for black women to try in 2019. And here I will represent the best options. If you are looking for the best shade of blonde, red or dark brown for 2019 then have a look at these flattering hair colors.hair colors for black women 2019Golden Blonde Hair Color

The sun-kissed golden blonde hair color with its glossy effect is here for your natural hair. It will change your look entirely and will lighten up your complexion. The way this hair color is reflected on natural curls is just amazing.golden blonde hair for black women 2019Fiery Red Hair Color

The deep fiery red is an eye-catching shade for you to combine with your dark skin tone. It ideally goes with black complexions and makes you stand out from the crowd.red hair color black women 2019Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Dirty blonde is the most requested shade among black women. Perhaps it is the first blonde hair color that many try on their dark hair. This hair color works with warm skin tones and brown eyes and tends to lighten up your complexion a little bit.dirty blonde hair for black women 2019Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

If blondes go for light ash blonde hair colors black women can take its darkest shade. This hair color is a mixture of dark and light ash blonde hues which create a fascinating shade on natural hair.ash blonde for natural curly hair 2019Silver Hair Color

The flashy granny hair is now a big trend. Since this is one of the natural human hair colors it goes with any skin tone and eye color but is more eye-catching on black women.silver hair color 2019Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Being so light platinum blonde works both with light and dark complexions. However if you are a black women you’d better wear it only on short haircuts to have a well-balanced result. It won’t look so nice on long haircuts.platinum blonde for black women 2019Blonde Hair Color with Dark Roots

Blonde and dark roots is a fantastic ombre coloring idea for you. If you have dark hair you can keep your roots in their natural shade and lighten up the rest of your medium or long hair with a blonde hair color.dark roots for black women 2019Dark Ombre Hair Color

Black to dark red combination will gift you a fascinating ombre hair color. This is perfect for black women who want to experiment with the trendy ombre style in 2019.red ombre 2019Espresso Hair Color

Between dark brown hair colors the most suitable one for warm and dark skin tones is the rich espresso. It is a very shiny and strong hair color for straight hair. The various dark shades of brown make your hair look healthier and shinier. So, give it a try once in your life.espresso hair color for black women 2019



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