2019 Dirty Blonde Hair Color

There are several shades of the trendy dirty blonde hair color among which you can find the most suitable shade for your hair. This hair color is mainly chosen by women who have medium to dark skin tones and dark eye colors. It has many light brown hues which can lighten up black hair and can make light hair look warmer. If this is all you need for your hair then check out our string of dirty blonde hair colors for 2019. Here they are!dirty blonde hair colors 2019Dark Dirty Blonde/Light Brown Hair Color

Since darker hues of dirty blonde are closer to light brown hair colors you may consider this shade for your dark hair. It goes with olive and dark skin tones and looks nice with brown eyes. You can dye your long hair in a monotone dark dirty blonde hair color and show off the beauty of your tresses. If you want to add dimension to your hair you may add some lighter highlights at the tips.dark dirty blonde 2019Dirty Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

The majority of black women who change their hair color into a lighter one often choose dirty blonde shades. Perhaps it’s the most suitable hair color to match with dark skin and to lighten up your complexion. Besides, this hair color draws attention and makes your hair shinier. You should often curl your hair to bring out the various hues of this lovely hair color.dirty blonde for black women 2019Dirty Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Well, if you want to lighten up only the ends of your hair you will get a trendy ombre hairstyle. In this case you don’t need to dye your roots as they are already dark and all you need is just dying the ends. In case you have short or medium hair you should start from the middle part of your locks. The combination is very harmonious and flashy.dirty blonde ombre 2019Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

Light and dark tints of blonde ideally go with the light dirty blonde hair color. You can create a stunning highlighted effect on your medium haircut with these thin and hardly visible highlights.dirty blonde short hair 2019Dark Dirty Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

If dark hair then choose dark dirty blonde highlights closer to caramel shades. Your black, deep brown or coffee brown hair color will surely look prettier and subtler with some dirty blonde highlights. You can match them with your medium skin tone and dark eyes.

 Dirty Blonde Hair ColorDirty Blonde Highlights for Blonde Hair

To darken your blight blonde hair color you are supposed to pick dirty blonde hues. They will ideally work with sun-kissed blonde hair colors and will make your tresses look fuller, deeper and flashier.dirty blonde highlights for blonde hair 2019



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