Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Sometimes I dream of having curly hair because they are spiffy no matter what. Even without additional styling you can say that you have luxurious hairstyle that grans so much attention. It makes you look very feminine even in short haircuts. However it is not an easy task to deal with curly locks. They are unruly and quite annoying especially in long lengths. If you want to keep control under your curls you’d better learn some elegant updo hairstyles for curly hair. Wherever and whatever you’ll definitely need an updo hairdo.

Curly Updo with Face Framing Strandscurly updo with face frames 2019These lovely face framing strands out of natural curly updo are just gorgeous for any women to get a girlish and fresh look. They are very cute in shiny hair colors and make your face expression even seductive. In case you have short layers you can leave them out of the updo as well for a messier look.

Loose Curly Updo Hairstylecurly loose updoLoose curly updos are the favorite hairstyle of elegant women. They opt for it for a romantic look and get a stunning appearance. It’s soft, subtle and easy to create. Just by the means of simple bobby pins you can achieve a pretty loose updo in curly form.

Messy Curly Bun Hairstylecurly bun hairstyle 2019Bun hairstyles are easier to achieve than neater updos. Thanks to your messy curls your bun will have a rather shaggy look which, in its turn, will keep all eyes on you. As a date night or office hairstyle the messy bun is super for curly hair. You will have all your hair out of your face and even if you have fringe you can comb it back.

Curly Mohawk Hairstylecurly mohawkNow, here is something for black women who are fond of Mohawk hairstyles. However many blondes and redheads can also opt for it for special occasions. This side shaved haircut allows you to get an updo-looking hairstyle. You style the top part of your hair which is curly and fix it with a hair spray. If you like you can add some hair designs on the sides.

High Updo Hairstyle for Curly Bridesly updo for bridesYou are a curly lady and are in a search of a great hairstyle for your big day. Of course the best choice could be a high updo which will keep all your messy curls in a neat and tidy form as well as will gift you an elegant look. Have a look at this high updo. It does look pretty for a bride. Your hairstylist can embellish it with jeweled cute accessories that work with your hair color.



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