Short Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

Ladies with natural wavy hair usually love their locks as they have the most neutral nature and can be styled in any way they want. It is not so difficult to go from waves to curls and from waves to straight hairstyles. Even if their hair is in its natural form it looks as beautiful as the rest of hairstyles that we reasonably choose to beautify our locks. Today many prefer to appear in the public in their natural hairstyles and as waves are cool for any occasion we often see short wavy hairstyles. They are feminine, cute, ravishing and low-maintained. Thus, if you are looking for some stylish suggestions for your wavy hair here we are with our options.

Short Wavy Layered Bob Haircut with Bangsshort wavy layered bob with bangsWhat makes this hairstyle so delightful is not just the waves but the chosen layers and bangs. They are super for wavy hair and seem to complete the hairstyle. As a result you get a hot voluminous short haircut which has a feminine touch in it.

Short Wavy Hair with Side Swept BangsShort wavy hair side swept bangs 2019Side swept bangs being so popular can work with any hairstyle. The only thing you should pay attention to while choosing these bangs for your hair is its length. If you have long hair you should go for long side swept bangs and short hair looks better with short side swept bangs.  So, go for cute short bangs for your short wavy haircut.

Short Wavy A-Line Bob HaircutShort Wavy A-Line Bob HaircutFor classy and elegant ladies I offer this great short wavy A-line bob haircut. It is neater and tidier compared with many bob hairstyles which have some messiness in their forms.

Short Wavy Shaggy Bob Haircutshort wavy shaggy bob hairstyleWavy plus shaggy is equal to hotness. Let’s add shortness to this combo and we get more attractiveness. Doesn’t it look lovely in this light blonde hair color? A perfect choice for stylish women who tend to draw attention.

Short Wavy Pixie Haircut for Thick Hairshort wavy pixie haircut for thick hairThick waves are sometimes too heavy and annoying while you want to style it in an appropriate form. Just relax chopping it off into a short pixie haircut. This will bring coziness and low- maintenance for your locks. Since many have straight pixie haircuts we dare differ from the rest with our unique haircut.

Short Wavy Layered Pixie for Thin Hairshort wavy layered pixie hairThin hair and the need to have a short haircut! Don’t worry there is something cool for you. Just go for short layers and get a wavy layered pixie haircut for 2019. These layers will make your hair look fuller and will add some dimension if you apply some trendy highlights to them.

Short Wavy Ombre Bob Hairstyleshort and wavy ombre hairstyleTwo-tone coloring is now replaced by the fashionable ombre style. If you think it’s created for long hairstyles the have a look at this miraculous and ravishing short bob hairstyle. It does look perfect in ombre style and is more exquisite thanks to these waves. Try it in 2019.



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