Crochet Hairstyle Ideas for Females

The crochet wave is a favorite style among ladies who are looking for natural hairdos that will be both low maintenance and protective. This method of styling is not new but it is evolving day by day and new variations are always coming up. It provides ladies with an easy way of wearing crazy braids without spending lots of money and time. You can also create these hairdos with the help of smart hair extensions. If you are lack of inspiration, check out these pictures and get inspired from.Crochet Hairstyle Ideas for FemalesThick and Curly Crochet Hair

It is really hard to guess whether this hair is original or not. This example proves that if you pick up right extensions, you can be sure of gaining a super natural looking appearance when doing some crocheting. The style involves some thick human hair with some firm curls and it is just below the chin in length. With a hairdo like this you just need to draw a simple side part. It is a chic hairstyle for all occasions.Thick and Curly Crochet HairCurly Mane

This gorgeous hairdo has a silky base and some thick curls on the tips that give a sophisticated and elegant touch to the look. This headdress involves creating a simple side part and sweeping the hair sideways and over the forehead to add some sparkles to the style. The hair is neither long nor short, so it allows you to go for some other experiments too.Curly ManeBlue-Black Crochet Mohawk

Even if it seems a complicated style you can still achieve it effortlessly. If you want to re-create it you should go for some cornrows that stat on one side and flow towards to the other. You need then to apply some extensions with loose spirals at the middle of the head and use blue ones at the front to form a gorgeous Mohawk design. It is a chic yet bold look that takes some courage to wear.Blue Black Crochet MohawkThick Spirals

If you are in search of an attention grabbing hairdo, then consider this option. The best thing about it is that you can create it within minutes with the help of right extensions. Try to go for something with spirals and make sure that you have a full look. Once you get the crochets, you will need to draw a simple center part and pull the hair back to show off this incredible thick mane.Thick SpiralsDark and Curly Hair

Here is another way of rocking curly crochet weave. The glossy black tone makes the curls appear healthier and shinier. The hair also has an excellent styling and it requires parting the strands on one side and giving them a side sweep. If you have thick mane then you are lucky because you don’t need to opt for hair extensions.Dark and Curly Hair



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