Quick Hairstyles for Short to Medium Hair

There is a great difference between a mere quick hairstyle and a spiffy one. So, what you choose for your hair is quite essential for your look. You definitely want to look beautiful even in your casual hairstyle so check the following quick hairstyles for short and medium hair.

Curly Updo HairstyleCurly Updo HairstyleWondering what to do with your short natural curls? Don’t miss this hairstyle and keep your eye on it. The simple and quick updo just in seconds. A bun or a loose pinned hair is what you need for your second day hair.

French Braid for Medium Hairfrench Braid for Medium HairNo matter what type of hair you have. If it’s in medium length then you can easily go for the lovely French braid. This is a simple yet very pretty hairstyle to wear on casual days and at workplace.

Spiky HairstyleSpiky Hairstyle pixieIf you have a short pixie cut and want to breathe an interesting life to it then go for a spiky hairstyle. You just need to apply some amount of hair gel and style those eye-catching spikes in a few minutes.

Side Swept BangsSide Swept Bangs short hairWith your short layers you can always create fake side swept bangs which will change your hairstyle into a more fascinating one. Just pull a huge part of your top part hair to the opposite direction. Comb it and fix with a hair spray. That’s it.

Stylish Double Bun Hairstyledouble bun hairstyle 2019Recently some celebrities appeared with double bun hairstyles that were styled on their short hair. This hairstyle is very interesting and flashy and seems a bit strange for a young lady. However, taking into account its popularity and easy styling you can go for it for funny parties.

Simple Braid HairstyleSimple Braid Hairstyle short hairAs for the simple braid you can do lots of thing with it. You may style your short or medium hair with several simple braids on the sides or you may braid your whole hair into an easy and quick braided hairstyle. It’s always beautiful on wavy, curly and straight hairstyles.

Medium Ponytail HairstyleMedium Ponytail Hairstyle short hairAnd finally our best friend; ponytail hairstyle is here. This is the easiest hairstyle for short and medium length hair and is a classy one to wear for a formal meeting when you are in a hurry.

The represented quick hairstyles are very easy and any girl can opt for most of them when she need to style her short or medium length hair less than  in 10 minutes.

Photo Credits: New Cool Hairstyles



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