Easy To Do Hairstyles for Long Hair

When it comes to easy to do hairstyle ideas for long hair there are plenty of hairdos to wear in 5 minutes. These hairstyles are quick, beautiful and comfy at the same time. If you want to discover new hairstyle ideas for your long locks that are achieved easily then keep on reading because the hairdos that are collected below are both trendy and pretty.

Bobby Pins Updobobby pin updoBobby pins are the magical small hair accessories that allow us to create incredible hairstyles also using our imagination. Nowadays the use of bobby pins is more required. Smart hairstylists offer us to use them in creating updos, half updos and side pinned hairdos. They come to help when you are in a hurry and need to have all your hair gathered. Taking an example from this hairstyle you are welcome to achieve your own bobby pins updo hairstyle.

Braided Bun Hairstylebraided bun hairstyleThough this hairdo looks a bit complicated from the first sight but believe in me it’s one of the easiest hairstyles for long hair. In order to get it you need to style a low ponytail, then braid it into your favorite braided hairstyle and wrap it around the ponytail band. Then fix with a bobby pin. That’s it.

High Bun Hairstylecandy cotton bun hairstyleThis subtle, soft and spiffy candy cotton bun hairstyle is special for long hair. It is very easy to get on your long hair. Style a high, sleek and tight ponytail. Then tease your pony and wrap around your band in a neat and delicate way so that you can get a candy cotton-looking hairstyle. It’s a youthful and convenient hairstyle that will keep you in the center of attention.

Sleek Half Updo Hairstylehalf updo hairstyle 2019Recently this sleek updo hairstyle with a bungee elastic accessory is worn during many fashion weeks by stylish models. It’s a nice way to have your hair out of your face and to use a fashionable hair accessory that works with your hair color. Besides, you get a classy look.

Loose Knot Ponytailknot loose ponytailLoose and comfy ponytail are now more creative. It seems as if you have tucked your hair under clothes but actually it’s a loose knot ponytail easy to style on long straight hair. This is a casual elegance to wear in everyday life.

Messy Braided Hairstyleloose braid for long hairYou see a simple casual braid for your messy long hair. This trend is cool in its messy style that was used during Michael Kors fashion shows. If you have layers you can leave them out of your braid to frame your face beautifully.



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