Casual Hairstyles for Rainy Days

When the rainy and humid season comes with its versatile and sophisticated colors we start to change our wardrobe. But what about hairstyles? We want to style our hair in proper ways for these wet days and don’t find the best casual options. rainy day hairstyles 2019To look beautiful, stylish and have a cozy hairstyle at the same time is all we need. Before you go out have a look at these casual hairstyles for rainy days.

Milkmaid Braid for Rainy Daysmilkmaid braid for rainy daysBeing so lovely the milkmaid braid is also trendy. Nowadays many women of all age groups wear this hairstyle for various occasions. It’s great for rainy days when you have to look spiffy and elegant at your workplace. It keeps all your hair out of your face and gifts you a stunning crown that makes you look like a cute princess.

Half Bun Hairstylehalf bun for rainy daysLadies with thick hair often refer to the fashionable half bun hairstyle. It’s the favorite style of many celebrities too. This hairstyle is easy to achieve both on medium and long haircuts. Due to the comfy style of the half bun the front strands of your hair are kept away from your face.

Low Knot Hairstylelow knot hairstyleLow knot is a quick and easy hairstyle for second day hair. It is elegant and quite suitable for humid days when you need to have your tresses gathered into a casual style. According to your preferences you can style it either in a loose or tight form.

Pigtails for Rainy Dayspigtails hairstylePigtail hairstyles are girlish and very playful hairdos that you can rock on gloomy rainy days. It will change your mood and will fill you with positivity. There are cases when the rimy whether tries to spoil our mood but if we like we can find funny ways to be in a great mood no matter what.

High Top Knothigh top knot for rainy daysThe tight high top knot is a cool hairdo for long hair. In case you have bangs and want to have them out of your face you may gather them along with the rest of your locks in a high bun hairstyle. Once you sport this hairdo on rainy days you feel how cozy it is.

Headband Hairstyleheadband hairstyle for rainy days 2019Since rainy days may also be kind of cold you may like to wear a headband hairstyle. Choosing the right headband for the season you will keep your ears warm, your hairstyle pretty and your style more eye-catching



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