5 Minute Hairstyles for Lazy and Busy Girls

We often look for hairstyles that are easy to do and are quick. But there are types of women who are always in a hurry or busy and hardly find time to style their locks properly. Special for these ladies as well as for lazy girls I have prepared a great article. Here you will find gorgeous 5 minute hairstyles which are stylish and look very pretty. Let’s have a look at them.easy hairstyles 2019Loose Waves

Loose or relaxed waves are the easy hairstyles that look so fabulous. You can get them on your carefree hair just with the help of a curling tool or with a hair iron. All you need is curling your locks into loose waves starting from the middle part. This is a great hairstyle to rock on your second day hair or on your layered haircut.loose waves hair 2019Twisted Bun Hairstyle

The lovely twisted bun looks a bit complicated but actually it’s too easy and quick to get. In order to achieve this hairstyle you need to separate your hair into two equal parts and then knot it. After this roll or twist the tails of around your knot hairstyle to get the bun. At the end secure it with bobby pins.twsited bun hairstyleMessy Knot Hairstyle

Perhaps this is one of the simplest hairstyles that you can style on your messy hair. It’s comfy and is great for casual days. After you are done with the high knot with bobby pins you may leave some face framing strands out of your updo to have a cuter look.messy knot hairstyle 2019Blow It Out

The next is a very feminine and seductive hairstyle which you can get in 5 minutes. All you need is just teasing the top part of your hair and blow out the rest with a hair drier. Try to create cute loose curls at the ends of your locks. They will add more charm to your simple yet very beautiful hairstyle.blow out hair 2019Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

If your hair is in a wavy and messy form and you want to control them with a simple updo hairstyle then choose your favorite ponytail. You don’t need to comb or brush your hair before tying the pony as it is neater just the way you style it. Messy ponytail are ideal casual hairstyles for lazy girls.messy ponytail hair 2019Tuck Bun Hairstyle

For classy women who want to look pretty at their workplace with a quick and simple hairstyle here is a tuck bun. To get it on your medium or long hair you are supposed to take a stylish headband over which you create the tuck bun. This is a quite neat hairstyle that keeps all your hair out of your face. However if you like you can leave your face framing locks out of it.tuck bun hairstyle 2019Messy French Twist Updo

French twist updo is cool both in messy and sleek forms. When you are in a hurry you may wear a nice messy French twist updo and look very elegant. It’s a cozy and classy hairstyle at the same time. Besides French twists are very trendy in 2019.messy french twist hairstyle



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