Pretty Low Bun Hairstyles

If you think that are there is only one style of the low bun hairstyle then this article is for you to discover its versatile stylish options. In this post you will find new pretty low bun hairstyles designed in different ways and in cute styles. The ways they are styled and dressed up are going to inspire you and after reading this s article you’ll say goodbye to your simple, regular low bun hairdo. So, let’s get started.low bun hairstyles 2019Low Side Curly Bun Hairstyle

Perhaps you have always worn the same back low knot hairstyle considering it a comfy and easy hairdo but there are many more ideas to do with your bun hairstyle. Have a look at this cute side curly bun hairstyle combined with a subtle headband. It’s a youthful and very seductive hairstyle for any occasion. You can wear it on casual days as well as for formal parties.curly side bun hairstyle 2019Braided Low Bun Hairstyle

The next is another fabulous low bun this time in a braided style. This hairdo is easy to achieve on medium to long hairstyles and looks stunning in its delicate form. The idea is cool for schoolgirls and for ladies who want to have a romantic look for their date night. The effect of a braided bun hairstyle is more engaging especially on highlighted or two-tone colored locks.braided low bun 2019Low Bow Bun Hairstyle

Bow bun hairstyles are generally worn on the top part of the head but if you want to wear it in everyday life you can style it in a low form. As an interesting and girlish hairstyle it’s great choice for teenagers. You can amuse your friends with your new hairstyle and I am sure some will copy it later on.low bow bun hairstyle 2019Flower Bun Hairstyle

There is much to speak about this hairdo as it’s a trendy bun hairdo in its crimped style. As you see hair is crimped before being gathered. Then the hairstylist has used both twisting and wrapping techniques to achieve the flower and the heart-shaped designs on the head. Besides it is worn on dark copper red hair which is trendy as well. So, you get a glamorous and trendy hairstyle by all means.low crimped bun hairstyle 2019Rolled Low Bun Hairstyle

Rolled bun hairstyles are the elegant hairdos for girls who have short hair. In case you want to style your bob haircut into a classy and more feminine hairstyle for a formal occasion then you may refer to this fashionable and lovely low rolled bun.rolled low bun hairstyle 2019Wrapped Bun Hairstyle

Twisted or wrapped this hairdo is just gorgeous. It has a touch of elegancy and delicacy in it. The effect is cool on medium to long hair and seems to provide you with a fascinating rose-shaped bun hairstyle.  twisted low bun 2019Scarf Wrap Bun

My favorite kind of bun hairstyles are the ones created by colorful scarves. They make my simple bun hairstyle more attractive, playful and eye-catching. On the other hand they are great to match with your girlish style and accessoriesscarf wrap bun 2019



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