Easy Bun Hairstyles for Casual Days

The best thing I found in bun hairstyles is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Any girl can style a bun hairdo according to her preferences. This comfy hairdo is often used by many of us on casual days or on busy mornings. After reading this article you will be inspired by new easy bun hairstyle ideas for next casual days. So, keep on reading and discover the secret of looking charming on casual days.

Messy Bun Hairstylemessy bun hairstyle 2019Messy bun hairdo with side swept bangs is a cute easy hairstyle for any teenager. It’s a seductive hairdo in its shaggy form and draws attention. Instead of pulling everything into a tight and neat updo we create a loose half pony bun which doesn’t need additional styling to look cool. Its natural look is all you need in everyday life.

High Bun Hairstyle for Long Hairhigh bun hairstyleWhen it comes to long hair we opt for neater bun hairstyle so that all our hair could be out of the face. When long locks annoy us we can easily pull them into a high glam bun hairstyle. This hairdo is easy to achieve on high ponytail hairstyle.

French Braided Bun Hairstylefrecnh braid bun 2019If you like to play with the French braid in different hairstyles then combine it with a bun hairstyle. You may go for a reverse braid or for a top braid and finish with a high bun. Start braiding a common French braid from the top part and instead of finishing it at the ends create your regular bun.

Braided Bun Hairstylesie braid bun looseFor thicker and curly hair braided bun is a good choice. You can have all your hair in a sleek and neat form by braiding it and styling a low bun. For a prettier look you can leave it in a loose form.

Romantic Loose Bun Hairstyleromantic loose bunAs for romantic hairstyles for date nights I can say that bun is considered as a popular evening hairdo. It’s subtle in a loose form with curled back combed bangs which add volume to your hairstyle. The charm of loose hairdos is sometimes more eye-catching than the form of luxurious sleek hairstyles.

Half Bun Hairstylehalf bun hairstyle for long hair 2019Half bun is another easy hairstyle for thick hair. It is achieved on long hair as well as on medium length haircuts. With the help of half bun hairstyle you can bring out the different shades of your hair color. It’s also great for ombre hairstyles.



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