Bun Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

Bun hairstyles are included on the lists of oldest female hairstyle ideas that are always practical and required. These easy, quick and comfy hairstyles are used in everyday life as well as for special occasions. They are not only convenient for medium and long hair but are also very classy. With the help of a bun hairstyle you can bring out your face features. Women of all age groups can find bun hairstyles that bet work with their hair type. There are high, medium and low bun hairstyles for medium to long hair and today we’ll discuss some of them.

Creative Heart-Shaped Bun Hairstyleheart bun hairdoI would like to start the string of these bun hairstyles with the most creative option. It’s the unique heart-shaped bun hairstyle in rainbow colors. As you see it’s a bit messy yet very beautiful bun hairstyle that looks like a shape of a heart. It’s a cool choice for teenagers who look for a party hairstyle.

Cotton Candy Bun HairstylePretty girl bunCotton candy bun or ballerina bun hairstyle is a chic hairdo for young girl who have long hair. It’s a high tight hairdo with soft bun on the top that loosens this sleekness of the hairstyle.

Boho Braided Side Bunboho sbraided side bun 2019Using the principal of the French braid you can create a stylish boho side bun hairstyle which is quite eye-catching and attractive. This hairdo is easy to achieve both on medium and long locks.

Romantic Side Bun Hairstyleromantic side bun hairstyleA simple and easy hairstyle is the following side bun. It’s cool choice when you want to look elegant for a date night or when you need a classy hairdo at office. You can combine it loose wavy strands that will beautifully frame your pretty face.

Rolled Bun Hairstylerolled bunBeing inspired by the vintage style you may choose a rolled bun hairdo. It has a shape of a flower particularly and looks very sophisticated on medium to long haircuts.

Fishtail Bun Hairstylefishtail bun hairstyle 2019What else can we do with those stunning fishtails? They are the most flexible braids that can be mingled into different hairstyles. Such example is the introduced bun hairstyle. You may beautify the simple look of this hairdo by ribbons or vibrant hair accessories.

Twisted Bun Hairstylerolled bun hairstyleTight twists are sometimes all you need to have all your hair out of your face. Compared with braids twists are easier to achieve on medium and long hair and they make your bun as beautiful as a flower.

Messy Knotted Bun Hairstylemessy knotted bun hairstyleFor lazy ladies who want to look gorgeous without much effort I offer this trendy messy knotted bun hairstyle. One, two and your bun is ready to serve you as a comfy hairstyle all day long.



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