Best Bun Hairstyles

Among the most elegant and classy hairstyles you will find bun hairdos. And among the cutest teenage hairstyles you’ll find the double bun hairstyles. These are the coziest hairstyles after ponytails and simple side braids and they are ideal for any length of hair. Even many celebrities with pixie haircuts try multiple bun hairstyle on their short haircut. So, any woman can wear a bun hairstyle for various occasions. Have a look at this collection of best bun hairstyles.

Top Bun Hairstyle top bun hairstyleLong or medium length you can style a top bun hairstyle on your hair. It’s one of the best hairstyle to get the desired elegant look and to have a pretty hairstyle that can be matched with a classy outfit. On the other hand it’s a cute romantic style to combine with a subtle dress.

Bun Hairstyle with Fringe Bangsbun hairstyle with fringe bangsAs for bangs that look super with bun hairstyle I offer the trendy fringe bangs. They complete this hairstyle as well as hide your forehead. In case you need to get an updo hairstyle but to have your forehead concealed at the same time bun hairstyle with fringe bangs is a great idea.

Low Sleek Bun Hairstylelow bun hairstyleFor women seeking for a powerful classy look the low sleek bun hairstyle can be a good idea. It’s an easy and quick hairstyle especially for second day hair.

Subtle Side Bun Hairstylelow side bun hairstyle 2019If you think that the side bun is a cute hairstyle only for teenagers then have a look at this image. As you see it’s perfect even for women over 40 and tends to make you look younger.

Braided Bun Hairstylefrench braided bun hairstyle 2019Braided bun hairstyles are sophisticated updos for special occasions. They are often chosen by brides and by bridesmaids as a wedding day hairstyle. If you are invited for a wedding party you may go for this braided bun hairdo to have a stunning look.

Half Bun Hairstylehalf bun hairstyleFor casual days the half bun hairstyle is superb as it gathers the half of your locks keeping your hair out of the face. It’s convenient for long thick tresses. As you see it’s a lovely style for celebrities as well.

Double Bun Hairstyledouble bun hairstyle kylie jenner 2019So, my stylish teenagers may like this 90’s inspired double bun hairstyle which today is worn by many Hollywood stars. It’s a simple hairdo to rock on hot summer days and on the beach.

Photo Credits: Gorgeous Hairstyles



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