Creative Updo Hairstyles

Women with long hair sometimes need a new idea to style your hair. What about creative updos? They really differ from the rest of original hairstyles and every updo hairstyle has something ravishing and inspiring in it. Let’s discover the most creative updo hairstyles right here.

Tight Braided Bun Hairstylebraided bunGift more attractiveness and interest to your top knot or tight bun hairstyle. Before you wrap it around your ponytail braid it into a thick braid and then style a high bun. In spite of being so simple and easy it looks very eye-catching and brings out all the prettiness of your long hair.Boho Updo in Pastel Green Hair Colorboho updo in pastel green hair colorAny pastel shade is very astounding while you create a braided or an updo hairstyle on your hair. The shine and the subtleness of these hair colors mingled into a cool updo hairstyle provide you with a unique look and make you stand out from the crowd. As boho hairstyles are trendy in 2019 you may often style your pastel colored hair in boho updos and embellish it with fresh flowers.

Rolled Up Low Knot Hairstylerolled up knot hairstyle 2019Roll all your hair from two sides and then create a low knot with the same principal. The result will be an old Greek inspired goddess hairdo which is both comfy and beautiful.

Classy Low Knotted Bun Hairstylelow knot bun hairstyle 2019If you want to have a classy, tight, sleek and fascinating hairdo then go for this low knotted bun hairstyle. It’s easy, quick and looks very elegant. As a cozy hairstyle for rainy and humid days as well as for second day hair it’s a great choice.

Fishtail Updo Hairstylefishtail updoWhat else can we do with those lovely fishtail braids? They even provide us with creative updo hairstyles. If you haven’t tried this updo on your long hair you should definitely rock it for the upcoming party. Show the charm of your locks with the help of a unique fishtail braid.

Retro Updo Hairstyle with Scarfretro updo with a scarf 2019And being inspired by the popular retro style we represent you this simple and cute updo with scarf. You can achieve it by yourself using your own fantasy. It’s better if you match he scarf with your outfit and makeup. This will provide you with a trendy look.

Braided Updo with Highlightsbraided updo with highlightsThere are two ways to beautify your braided updo hairstyle. First is having it in a flashy updo then adding some highlights to it. Many girls like to use hair chalks to get the temporary hair color for their braided hairstyle and some choose just colorful ribbons which are mingled into a braid while braiding it. Funny tricks, aren’t they?

Celtic Knot Half Updo Hairstyleceltic knot half updo 2019Who could ever imagine that these creative girls might take the ancient Celtic knot design as a hair styling idea? Look hoe delightful it is in this half updo hairstyle. It seems as if you have created a cool hair accessory made of your own hair. Try it on your curly hair as well as on your straight hairstyles.



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