Casual Scarf Braided Hairstyles

I love the chicness and prettiness of these casual scarf braided hairstyles. They are very playful especially when you choose bright-colored scarves and they are very cute for any hairstyle. The popularity of scarf braided hairdos is increasing and today I will offer you some spiffy ideas of scarf braids. They are worn on any type of hair and tend to draw attention. You can go for scarf braid hairstyle for everyday life, for humid and cold days as well as for hot seasons. Now, check them out!scarf braid hairstyles 2019Boho Scarf Braid Hairstyle

It goes without saying that perfect boho hairstyles are created with various headbands and scarves. If you want to get a stylish boho scarf braid hairstyle then you are expected to take soft silky scarf and braid a side simple braid with it. You will not only get a braided hairstyle but will also enjoy your lovely headband.boho side scarf braid 2019French Scarf Braid Hairstyle

Though blending your scarf with a French braid is not that easy as in the cases of simple braid but if you like to wear French braid on your long hair you’d better learn its scarf braided option. It’s more eye-catching and beautiful.French scarf braided hairstyle 2019Scarf Rolled Braided Updo Hairstyle

Here you see a rolled updo with some cute braids and of course, with a nice scarf. Though it is not so flashy but it does make your updo hairstyle interesting and cuter. This hairdo is fantastic for humid days and is ideal even for short haircuts like bob.scarf roll braided hairstyleScarf Braided Bun Hairstyle

There are several ways to get a scarf braided bun and generally they are quite easy and quick. You can opt for this hairstyle for various occasions. It makes your simple braided bun very pretty and subtle. It’s better if you choose a scarf that has contrasting hues with your hair color or brings it out.scarf braided bunScarf Braided Updo Hairstyle

Perhaps this in one of the most beautiful updo hairstyle I have ever seen. In spite its simplicity it looks really inspiring and spiffy. Here it is used the French tuck braiding technique and as a common braid it’s not that difficult to achieve on medium to long hair. However you may try it on your bob haircut as well.braided updoScarf Milkmaid Braid Hairstylemilkmaid scarf braid 2019If the trendy milkmaid braid is not so attractive for you, you may beautify it with a vibrant scarf. However this is one of the classiest and most elegant braided updo hairstyle that you can wear not only on casual days but also for special events.milkmaid scarf braid hairstyle 2019



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