Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Who said we can’t braid short hair? The cutest braids are just the ones created on short haircuts. Have a look at our string of braided hairstyles for short hair and be inspired. From now on you’ll beautify your short bob or pixie haircut by the means of various braids. If you haven’t experimented with any of these hairstyles then it’s time to go ahead with some of them that match your hair length.

French Braid on Short Bob HaircutFrench braid for short bob hairStarting from the top of your short bob hairstyle you may create the classic French braid. If you know its principal then you are a luck one because French raid is one of the coolest braids for short hair. If long-haired girls braid a simple-looking French braid on their locks then yours will be a quote unique. Just try it.

Simple Braid on Wavy Bob Hairstylesimple braid for short hairFor those who are lazy but still want to embellish their bob haircut with a nice braid I offer the simple braid. This doesn’t require much braiding skills and anyone can get it in 5 minutes. This looks prettier if done on a wavy hairstyle.

Braided Bun Hairstylebraided bun hairstyleI know that you sometimes need to have an elegant and classy look for a formal occasion and don’t know how to style your short hair. This chic and flashy braided bun is for you. Opt for it whenever you need a spiffy updo hairstyle. Here the French braiding principle is used and if you are not sure you can create it in this neat form you may ask for the help of your sister or of your hairdresser. The use of a stylish hair accessory matching your outfit will totally complete the hairstyle.

Cute Fishtail Braid for Short Hairfishtail braid for short hairCompared with many other braids fishtail braid has a unique charm in it. It’s a great hairstyle to combine with short bob cuts and tends to make your simple hairstyle very sophisticated. If your hair is full of highlights the effect will be more exquisite. Besides it’s a cool way to keep your front strands out of your face.

Waterfall Braid Hairstyle on Straight Bobwaterfall braid for short hairWaterfall braid can be clearly reflected on long hair as well as on straight bob hairstyles. It’s a fabulous hairstyle to wear for prom, for a birthday party or for any other special event.

Waterfall Braid Hairstyle on Curly Bobshort hair with braids and curlsHere you see another waterfall bard this time in a curly bob hairstyle. As you see this one is a bit messy but looks more sophisticated and eye-catching. If you like it you may use it for a luxurious party.

Grown Out Pixie with Braidbraided short pixieIf your pixie is already a bit grown out then change its ordinary style into a gorgeous hairstyle with small braids. Start from the top part of your hair using the longest layers and end where it finishes. You can bris only your long bangs and thus you’ll keep away the annoying hair of your face.

Short Pixie Haircut with Braidbraided short pixie hairstyle 2017Though this is a short pixie hairstyle but as you see it is embellished with a braid thanks to the longer bangs on the side. To get this hairstyle you need to have enough length on the top part and a bit of patience. Going for this hairstyle has much fun in it and the result is rather unique.



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