Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Black braided hairstyles always differ from the rest of braid with their originality and creativity. They are mainly combinations of twist and different braid designs that provide you with a stylish and fascinating women braided hair 2019 Here collected braided hairstyles for black women are the trendy options for you to try in 2019. Pick the styles that go with your hair type and length.

Marley Twistsmarley twists 2019These chunky long twists appropriate for thick hair are now very popular among black women. They are cool in their style and those who don’t have long hair my rock it by “Marley twists” hair extensions. Marley twists tend to look more eye-catching in messy styles.marley twists for 2019Dirty Blonde Box Braidsdirty blonde box braids 2019Though today many women wear colorful box braids to make a statement but actually classy box braids are in monotone shades. Instead of wearing black box braids you can choose dirty blonde colored braided hairstyle. This hue works with dark skin tones and enhances its beauty. Besides, you get another trendy hairstyle.

Cornrows Braided Bun Hairstylecornrows braided hair bunAn elegant black braided updo hairstyle is here for my classy ladies. It’s the lovely tight cornrows braided bun or braided top knot hairstyle which is very convenient as an office hairdo. It keeps all your hair out of your face and brings out your spiffy face features. These braids last longer and if you are planning to wear a comfy hairstyle for a couple of weeks then go for cornrows braids.

Braided Mohawk Hairstylebraided mohawk for black womenLong hair can be styled in various way and if you think that the trendy Mohawk hairstyle is only for short hair then have a look at this braided Mohawk updo. As you see hairstylists have created a stunning updo hairstyle using the shape of the Mohawk hairdo.

Braid Designs for Curly Hairbraid designs for curly hairYour unruly curls are now under control by the braid designs. They are tight, sleek and fascinating. The rest of your hair is in a bouncy effect that looks very cute. You can choose different stylish designs for your hair and rock them for special events. Young girls can sport hair designs just for fun.braided designs for curly hairBraided Updo Hairstylebox braid updoDue to your pretty box braids you can style various braided updo hairstyles in different sizes, shapes and ways. These braids allow you to go for glamorous updo hairstyles that best work with subtle makeups.

Two-Tone Braided Hairstyletwo tone braided hairstyle 2019Want to draw much attention? Try this cool two-tone braided hairstyle. Generally black women combine their black hair with dark blonde shades and the result is quite beautiful on braided hairstyles.



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