2019 Pigtails Hairstyles for Ladies

Actually pigtails are hairstyles that sport two bunches of hair on either side of the head. Pigtails don’t necessarily have to be braided.  They can be twisted, waved, curly, straight and etc. Pigtails are great for people of all ages- children, teenage girls and elderly women. The best thing about pigtails is that they can be easily re-created. There are so many ways to rock pigtails. If you are lack of inspiration then you should definitely have a look at these pictures of pigtails hairstyles for ladies for 2019.Pigtails Hairstyles for Ladies for 2019  Bouffant Low Pigtails

It is a retro-inspired low pigtails hairstyle that entails sectioning the strands into two parts and tying them into pigtails. The slightly bouffant created on the crown of the head gives it a retro touch. You can enhance the look of your pigtails by wearing sides swept bangs. This headdress can be rocked in the formal settings too. Note that you can match your bands with your outfit.Bouffant Low PigtailsBraided Pigtails

It is not necessary to go for complicated braids when you can have a chic look with simple plaits too. This particular deign is all about a simple three-sectional braid that everyone can weave. Long bangs are swept to the side and the style has been finished with a simple hat. It is one of those simplest hairstyles that will take less than five minutes to create.Braided PigtailsBoho Inspired Pigtails

Here is a style for all boho ladies. If you have extra long strands then this style is definitely great for you. The crown has been messed up while the rest part of the strands has been tightly braided. The most important thing is to choose the right hair accessories since the adornments are the most important elements for adding a boho touch to the style.Boho Inspired Pigtails Double Dutch Braids

In this picture, you can see a model whose hair has been parted into two sections to create equal sides. Each part has been braided into chunky Dutch braids with a flirty fluffy ending. The bangs at the front are meant to create a flattering look. However, this style is fantastic for ladies with long and thick strands.Double Dutch BraidsShort Braided Pigtails

Well, medium-length hair owners also can go for pigtails. Here the dark brown locks are parted at the center and each side has been plaited into feminine Dutch braids. Anyway you can give some extra flair to your hairstyle by adding some wonderful and unique yellow highlights. It’s an excellent hairdo to pair with your casual outfit.Short Braided Pigtails



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