Celebrity Faux Bob Hairstyles

I have always wondered if there is a hairstyle that can allow me to see myself with a bob haircut without cutting my hair off. It revealed it exists, moreover, it’s experimented by many Hollywood stars. A funny trick is this or the same desire to have a bob haircut without cutting locks off? Whatever it is it’s a super idea and should be opted by the majority of women who have the same wish of getting a fake bob hairstyle. Here I have collected the best celebrity faux bob hairstyles for you to have a look and get inspired.

Kim Kardashian Faux Bob Hairstylekim kardashian faux bobOur long-haired beauty seldom appears with surprising haircuts and hair colors. We usually see her in long brunette hairstyles and when it happens she changes her hair color into blonde or her hairstyle into a short one the entire attention of the fashion world is drawn on her. This cute faux bob hairstyle soon became copied by many stylish women and to tell the truth it makes Kim look very cute and girlish.

Jessica Hart Faux Bob HairstyleJessica Hart faux bob cutJessica is one of the celebrities who like to experiment with various looks. This time she is with a loose faux bob hairstyle which works with her face shape highlights her prettiness. Those wavy strands make a beautiful frame around her face adding a touch of attractiveness.

Bérénice Marlohe Faux Bob HairstyleBérénice Marlohe faux bobHere is another long-haired celebrity with faux bob hairstyle. Actually this hairdo goes with Bérénice’s style so much that it seems she has really gone for short cut. If she would have done so then the result would have been very spiffy and astounding.

Vanessa Hudgens Faux Bob HairstyleVanessa Hudgens faux bobLovely Vanessa became even lovelier with this cool faux bob hairstyle. It’s one of the best examples of fake bobs that can be stolen by many girls. You may wear it for a special event to amuse your friends, relatives and even family members.

Emma Watson Faux Bob HairstyleEmma Watson faux bobWhile many try curly or wavy faux bob Emma surprises us with her sleek, straight and very neat faux bob hairstyle. This is a style that makes her look younger and reminds us of the times when she was playing roles for teenagers.

Selena Gomez Faux Bob HaircutSelena Gomez faux bobBefore opting for any short hairstyle Selena first experimented with this great faux bob. Yes, it’s the hairstyle that suits her so much that she could even go for a real bob cut. And it enhances her cuteness and prettiness.

Jennifer Lopez Faux Bob Hairstylejennifer lopez faux bobIt seems as if Jennifer has tried to look younger and more sophisticated with her fax bob hairstyle and to tell the truth she has succeeded. Though it’s a bit unusual to see her with a short hairstyle but she has a very stunning and gorgeous look due to it.

Sophia Bush Faux Bob HairstyleSophia Bush faux bob hairstyleSubtle blonde Sophia has opted for softer faux bob hairstyle. Her side swept bangs make it trendier and more fashionable and as a result she had got a simple yet glamorous curly fake bob hairstyle.



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