Stylish Bang Hairstyles

The simplest way to change the hairstyle is going for bangs that match your face shape. There are many styles for bang hairstyles but today we’ll speak about the most fashionable ones. So, let’s see what bang hairstyles there are that you can wear in 2019.

Blunt Bangs Hairstyleblunt bangs hairstyleIt seems as if those blunt bangs coming from the signature hairstyles of Cleopatra will never leave the world of fashion. They are cool for most face shapes and go with various haircuts. Those are the favorite bangs for women who have large forehead and want to cover them. They are always in thing and look great with long hairstyles.

Short Straight Bangs Hairstyleshort straight bangsActually these short straight bangs are ideal for short haircuts. They don’t look well-balanced with long hairstyles and if you have long hair you’d better avoid short bangs. It works well with bob and pixie haircuts and is super for those who want to draw attention to their eyes. They are very cozy and will never annoy you.

Long Side Bangsside bangsSide bangs generally work well with long layered hairstyles. They complete those haircuts giving them more attractive look. Due to their convenient form long side bangs can often be refreshed without changing your look. That is to say, you may cut the ends of your bangs as soon as there are too long. Besides, long side bangs are perfect to frame the face bountifully when you go for updo hairstyles.

Short Side Swept Bangsshort side swept bangsLadies with pixie cuts usually choose bangs to complete their hairstyle. If they are not asymmetrical then they are often in short length. For 2019 your hairstylist may offer you short side swept bangs to match with your short haircut. They are trendy and can make your hairstyle look softer.

Long Side Swept Bangslong side swept bagsAs for long side swept bangs we can say that they are very beautiful yet require everyday care to look better. You can combine these bangs with long hairstyles as well as with short cuts, but sometimes they create and asymmetrical look with short cuts.

Short Asymmetrical Bangsshort asymmetrical bangsAn asymmetrical hairstyle, be it short or long, is always differing and looks original. If you have decided to go for short asymmetrical bangs then be ready to get a boyish look. These bangs tend to make you look more masculine and only in case you have slender and subtle face features that can break down this masculine touch go for short asymmetrical bangs.

Long Asymmetrical Bangslong asymmetrical bangsIf short asymmetrical bangs have masculine touch in them then long ones are more feminine. They make your hairstyle look more attractive and fascinating. As a result you get thick bangs that cover half of your forehead.

Highlighted Bangs Hairstylehighlighted bangsAdding bold and vivid highlights only to your bangs will provide you with a unique hairstyle. This will make you stand out from the crowd and will look very stylish. Just choose the right colors for your highlights.



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