Best Side Swept Bang Hairstyles

Why do we devote a special article for side swept bangs? Because they are the most fashionable bangs that can be matched with various hairstyles from too short pixie to long hairdos. They are perfect for updos, for loose, wavy and braided hairstyles and they make these styles look more delicate. They add a touch of more femininity and subtleness. Let’s discover the best side swept bangs hairstyles.

Pixie Haircut with Side Swept BangsPixie Haircut with Side Swept BangsHere we start with short hairstyles that look cool with side swept bangs. One of them is the straight pixie haircut. If pixies tend to make you look boyish then side swept bangs come to make it softer and feminine. Long side bangs are the best to complete your pixie hairstyle and to beautify it.

Bob Hairstyle with Side Swept BangsBob Hairstyle with Side Swept BangsShort bob cuts sometimes look simple without bangs. If you, too, think so, then choose the most appropriate side swept bangs to refresh your bob hairstyle. While many go for blunt bangs to hide their forehead you can opt for the trendy side swept bangs. If you like you can even create an interesting asymmetrical hairstyle.

Layered Medium Hairstyle with Side Swept BangsLayered Medium Hairstyle with Side Swept BangsLayers and side swept bangs seem to be created for each other. They make a well-balanced look and complete each other. If you have a layered haircut and are thinking of stylish bangs to combine with it then you should choose side swept bangs. All you need is just focusing on the length of the bangs you want to match with your layers. Ask your hairstylist to pick the most appropriate length for it.

Long Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangscurly hairstyle with side swept bangsFor longer hairstyles you are supposed to choose long bangs. Side swept bangs can frame your face beautifully on the one side and will make your long hair sophisticated. They can be styled in different ways and can be even pinned to a side giving you a younger look.

Updo Hairstyles with Side Swept BangsUpdo Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs 2019Loose braids, buns and side ponytails are the best updo hairstyles to combine with side swept bangs. Today they are worn by many models during fashion shows and they tend to bring a feminine touch to any updo hairstyle. Besides, you can always have a gorgeous look with your side swept bangs even if your hair is gathered.

Curly Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangscurly hairstyle 2019

If you have a curly hairstyle I offer you to change your look a bit and become cuter. This can be achieved with the help of side swept bangs. They are soft and tend to make your curly hairstyle softer too. As a result you get a girlish and innocent look.

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