Best Bang Hairstyles in Hollywood

Though we have many Hollywood stars who have trendy and pretty bangs but some just knew the secret of looking stunning with the right bangs. They choose the fringe that works with their haircut, face shape, facial features and chosen hairstyles perfectly. bangs hairstyles 2019They look so spiffy with these bangs that many young ladies as well as mature women take examples from them. In this post I have collected some great examples of celebrity bang hairstyles. Check them out and be inspired.

Zooey Deschanel Blunt BangsZooey Deschanel blunt bangsThese blunt bangs of Zooey Deschanel remind me of the astounding bang hairstyle of Felicity Jones about which we’ll speak later on. They are the best bangs to match with long hairstyles and to make your big pretty and shiny eyes pop out. It draws attention to your eyes and makes you look younger.

Katy Perry Short Cleopatra Bangskaty perry extra short bangsWhy do I call these Cleopatra bangs? Because they create the typical Cleopatra look along with this short straight bob haircut in jet black hair color. This is another bang hairstyle to wear with bob cuts and to bring out the prettiness of your eyes and face features. It is comfy and will never annoy you.

Jaimie Alexander Short BangsJaimie Alexander Pixie Haircut with Side Bangs 2019Pixie haircuts like Jaimie’s always require soft and subtle bangs. Short layered side swept bangs are just the most beautiful bangs for short pixie. They soften your boyish haircut and make it look feminine. Besides, you get the opportunity of styling your hair in various ways by short layered bangs.

Kim Kadsahian Long Bangskim kardashian braid with long bangsKim often goes for long side bangs as they work with her face shape and frame it beautifully. We have chosen her photo of braided hairstyle where her spiffy long bangs are more visible and allow you to notice the youthful touch that it has with simple side braid hairstyle.

Hayley Williams Red BangsHayley Williams red bangsRed bangs? Her entire hair is in stunning red shade. It goes with Hayley’s complexion so beautifully that you feel as if it’s her shade and she should never change it. Her straight bangs along with comfy bun hairstyle work with her face shape and warm up her skin tone. This fringe makes her stand out from the crowd with its uniqueness.

Felicity Jones Bangs HairstylesFelicity Jones side swept bangs 2019

Here I represent you two bang hairstyles of our lovely Felicity at the same time. As I have already mentioned above she used to rock beautiful blunt nags which hided her entire forehead drawing attention to her shiny eyes. These bangs are perfect for her long hair but as soon as she went for a short shaggy bob haircut she found the best bangs for it as well. Her side swept messy soft bangs changed her look into a lovelier and cuter one.Felicity Jones bangs 2019Emma Stone Side Bangsemma stone side bangs 2019Here Emma Stone is in subtle blonde hair color. It is very pretty on her layered wavy medium haircut with long side bangs that complete the haircut with a delicate touch. These bangs suit her very much and enhance her femininity.

Christina Aguilera Short Asymmetrical Fringechristina aguilera short bangsChristina is one of the celebrities who like to wear various haircuts with various bangs. This short asymmetrical bangs of her is very inspiring and attractive. It is softer in blonde shade and can be chosen by ladies who want fascinating and cozy bangs.

Charlize Theron Side Swept Bangscharlize theron bangs side sweptIf you have decided to wear trendy side swept bangs then be inspired by this lovely fringe of Charlize. This is a great example of side swept bangs that one can opt for in 2019. It is more seductive with updo hairstyles.



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